How to develop effective imagery scripts

The second part of the workshop will focus on how to best develop effective imagery scripts.

Supported by the imagery literature, we will explain how to plan, write, deliver, and evaluate scripts by considering the five Ws (Who, Where and When, Why, and What). We will provide you with examples of imagery scripts along with a checklist to use when developing scripts. Participants will also have an opportunity to experience guided imagery and gain experience eliciting information to use for a script.

To ensure imagery’s correct use and for participants to gain most from using it, athletes can be guided through their imagery experiences using scripts. However, it is often unclear to practitioners, coaches, or athletes how a script should be developed and implemented.

Reference: Williams, S. E., Cooley, S. J., Newell, E., Weibull, F., & Cumming, J. (2013). Seeing the difference: Advice for developing effective imagery scripts for athletes. Journal of Sport Psychology in Action, 4, 109-121.

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